Software Development for Startups & MVPs

Starting a business is tough – we know. We have been through the mill and understand what you are going through. When you’re starting a new business, you don’t have all the answers – and sometimes you need to test the waters before committing. You may not have a full team of developers in place but still need to get an MVP. Or maybe yours is a biotech or hardware business and you need tech stack consulting and development. 

Whatever you needs, our skilled team of product developers and consultants can support you from initial planning to MVP and all the way through to launch and delivery.

How we can help you

We can build mobile, tablet or web applications that operate as a fully independent product or connect to an existing software, hardware or biotech application. Starting with an MVP helps you to prove that your commercial and technical model will work. Once the market has been tested, we can move on to the next phase of complete feature development.
Extending your development team to include an external software development company enables you to concentrate on other key aspects of your business – like getting customers, assessing delivery channels, testing marketing channels.
Outsourcing your development allows you to focus on and to iterate these critical success factors quickly while your product development is being taken care of.

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We are SOSV alumni and have a program that offers a 20% discount on software development and consulting to help you get started. This program is limited to $50,000 of development and consulting expenditure.

Start Up Program

20% discount

Why work with ProductWorld?

If you know your exact requirements – great. If not, we will help you capture the use case. We will work with you to create a rock solid product that your customers will find simple to use. We strive to make the process of working with us simple, fast and transparent. To ensure your software is created as quickly as possible, you will always get the following
  •  A single point of contact for your software development.
  • Clear Intellectual Property (IP) agreement stated in 4 words: The IP is yours!
  •  A functional, clear specification that you can understand and that we both pre-approve before development starts
  • Clean and robust hand over.
  • Ongoing technical support with SLA, if required.
Our SOSV program offers a 20% discount on software development and consulting SOSV companies. If in doubt, ask Bill Liao, who is a Director of our company.
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