Custom Software Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare software requires compliance to standards such as HIPAA and high levels of security. ProductWorld provides secure and compliant custom software platforms and applications for healthcare professionals to improve patient care, while meeting your unique business needs.

How we can help you

We can build mobile, tablet or web applications that operate as an independent product or connect to your existing software application. The applications can be HIPAA and GDPR compliant plus incorporate security features like Patient Healthcare Information (PHI) encryption and 2-factor authentication login. For example, your organization can reduce its paperwork using custom electronic healthcare records to implement PHI records management; e-Prescribing; patient portals, physician portals, online patient scheduling, mobile billing or e- consultations.

Maybe your organization wishes to deploy a mobile app that integrates with your patient records management, pharmacy manage software, EHR/EMR or practice management system in order to offer additional services to patients or for medical professionals.

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Why work with ProductWorld?

If you know your exact requirements – great. If not, we will help you capture the use case. We will work with you to create a rock solid product that your customers will find simple to use. We strive to make the process of working with us simple, fast and transparent. To ensure your software is created as quickly as possible, you will always get the following

  •  A single point of contact for your healthcare software development.
  • Clear Intellectual Property (IP) agreement stated in 4 words: The IP is yours!
  •  A functional, clear specification that you can understand and that we both pre-approve before development starts
  • Clean and robust hand over.
  • Ongoing technical support with SLA, if required.

Plus we understand the security necessary to implement a HIPAA compliant mobile or web software

Refill Assistant is the complete digital advertising and technology solution for independent community pharmacies. It incorporates the world’s 1 st GDPR and HIPAA compliant prescription ordering system built for independent community pharmacies.
The technology enables branded websites, mobile apps and social advertising to be cost effectively deployed for pharmacies at scale.
Pharmacies get a patient facing mobile app and website with an integrated order admin and messaging portal.
Patients can use the website or app to order prescriptions, transfer pharmacy and to receive automatic refill prescription reminders.

Refill Assistant is sold directly by us to pharmacies in the USA, UK and Ireland.

Example of Custom Software Solutions for Healthcare