Software & Hardware Integration

Increasingly hardware OEMs and ODMs need to process data from hardware. 
We can help you to create software to enable this.

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Software and Hardware Integration

Increasingly hardware OEMs and ODMs need to process data from hardware. For example, to remotely monitor readings; remotely control devices; present data to service staff or connect your hardware device to the internet. We can help you to create software to enable this.

What is Software and Hardware Integration?

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 the product that you want to extract data from, control remotely or connect to the internet. It could be any hardware device such as an alarm, thermometer, camera, laser, weighing scale, a measuring device, robot, point of sale device etc.


Sensor converts the hardware signal into digital data for processing.development methodology that works for your company.


 A Connector to transfer the information from the hardware and the software. There are many such as USB cables, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connections.


The program that implements your requirements.

Whilst each component may be discrete, several can be packaged. For example, if your use case involves a mobile application, in some cases, the phone could be used as the sensor and the connector.

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How we
can help you

Hardware development is your forte. Ours is software. We help you to extend your development capabilities without investing in a dedicated software team. We can build mobile, tablet or web applications that are connected to your hardware with an easy to use UI and a server backend.

The software can be hosted locally, for example on a cell phone, or in the cloud. We build around your use case and your requirements.

Of critical importance is the User Interface (UI). Even though the UI is the tip of the software iceberg, to the user, the UI is the software. It does not matter what or how much is behind it. A badly designed UI can lead to inefficient workflow, mistakes and lack of use. As such our design thinking centers on the UI as much as your use case.

EI Electronics is Europe’s largest manufacturer of smoke and CO alarms. For such a safety critical component, testing and preventative maintenance are important. But gaining access to a building to test the alarm was costing time and money. To eliminate the need to access a property, EI Electronics developed a framework to remotely extract event and test data from alarms via audio signals.

With the hardware in place, EI Electronics sought a software development partner to implement the framework in a mobile app solution for their installers and contractors. The software solution needed to work on both Android phones and Apple iPhones.

Because the framework relied on the phone sensors, a cross platform development tool could not be used and the apps needed to be created natively. The apps were released as AudioLink on Google Play and Apple App Store. The apps significantly improved the productivity of field-based staff. Subsequently, additional languages and alarm models were added.