Help ! I am getting lots of emails from Apple

Once we start the publishing process for your pharmacy app, you will start to receive messages from Apple iTunes Connect (ITC) about the status of your app. iTunes Connect is your publishing account for mobile apps on the Apple platform.

You may see lots of different messages from iTunes Connect. With 2 exceptions, you can ignore all of these messages as we will be dealing with them. Some examples of subject line in these emails are:

  • Your app (iOS) status is Waiting For Review
  • Your app (iOS) status is Pending Developer Release
  • Your app (iOS) status is Ready for Sale
  • Your app (iOS) status is Rejected
Exception 1:

If you see a message Ready for Sale, then this status means the app is live and available on the App Store for download by your patients.

Any other status means that your app is not live on the App Store AND therefore cannot be downloaded by anyone.

Exception 2:

If Apple ask you to review and agree to new terms and conditions, then please do so as soon as possible. Not agreeing to their latest terms will slow things down.

If you need help please click here and press HELP on our website or email support.

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